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SPEEDERS Indoor ProKarts offers a racing experience for both beginners and seasoned pros inside our 50,000 square foot building. From drop in racing, arrive and drive, groups and private functions, to corporate team building, league racing, youth camps and driving clinics, we offer all types of racing for drivers of all levels.

Having such a well-equipped indoor race track allows us to offer our customers an enjoyable experience rain or shine. Additionally, being a environmentally responsible company, our prokarts are all 100% electric-powered and eco-friendly. Supporting the community, SPEEDERS is a great place to host your fundraiser or charity event.

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7 Steps To Follow If You Want To Host A Perfect Barbecue Party

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Pretty much everyone loves barbecue and you shouldn’t miss out the opportunity to enjoy your favorite foods cooked on grill, especially if you are surrounded by family members and friends. Actually, if you are looking to organize a great barbecue party in the upcoming weeks, here are some of the most important things that you must do in order for your event to be a success!


Top 10 Types of Food That Are Served At Barbeques

You can make the most of outdoor summer cooking by choosing the best recipes. There are many types of foods that can turn an ordinary meal into a real celebration. There are different types of foods that can be served at barbecues and they range from kebabs and pork ribs to lamb chops and chicken wings. Following are some of the most popular options.


How to Barbeque Like a Pro!

Too often when barbequing foods, they turn out half cooked inside and burnt to a crisp on the outside. If you really want to turn out a great barbeque that will have your family and friends singing your praises, then it is time to work on your technique. Read on for some great tips on how to barbeque like a pro!


Five Reasons to Hire BBQ Equipment at Your Next Event

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If you are planning on throwing a birthday party, or maybe even a celebration party of some kind then you may find it hard to figure out what catering options to provide. There are so many options to choose from, and with each one having their own benefits you may really struggle to find one to suit your needs. Barbecues are one of the most versatile and easy options for literally any event as they can cater for so many different people with differing diets and food allergies. This article will outline some of the reasons why you should hire BBQ equipment for your next event.


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