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Wedding Catering EventsTents that can not be staked require weights, depending on weather conditions 4-5 weights are required per leg.

Tents include solid walls. Windows are available upon request. Window walls will not be rented out when the temperature is below zero.

Customers are required to obtain any necessary permits for tents. Depending on the size of the tent building or development permits may be required.

A locate is required when tents are staked. Contact Alberta One Call one week prior to the event. This is a free service 1-800-242-3447 www.alberta1call.com

Tent prices include setup and teardown within the city of Calgary. Out of town delivery is available for an additional fee. Prices are based on having truck access to the site, and the tent being staked on grass, additional charges may apply for staking on asphalt or gravel.

Tents can be joined in many configurations using gutters.

Please inform us prior to setup if there is any trees or power lines over the area where the tent is going to be. A site inspection is available upon request.

Winter rates may apply to tents.


Lb White 170,000 BTU forced air heaters require 1-100 lb propane tank and 110 volt power to operate. When they start up they draw up to 7 amps. Included with the heater is a diffuser and a thermostat which can be mounted in the tent to control the temperature.

To calculate heating requirements this formula is fairly accurate for tents. First calculate the volume of the tent, so for instance a 20×20 would be approximately 6,000 cubic feet. Next calculate the temperature difference. If the outside temperature is -30 degrees Celsius and the desired inside temperature is +20 degrees Celsius, then the temperature difference is 50. So multiply 6,000x50x0.4= 120,000 BTU’s per hour.

The 35,000 BTU radiant heaters will run for up to 12 hours on a 20lb propane tank. How ever a bigger tank is recommend because the valves sometimes freeze when using the 20lb tank. This is a directional heater so it is ok to be placed close to a tent wall.

The 125,000 BTU radiant heaters will run for up to 18 hours on a 100lb propane tank. This is a 360 degree heater so it has to be placed more towards the center of the tent so it won’t melt the walls.

Propane Consumption Table

Heater Size

Consumption  lb/h

20 lb Propane Tank

100 lb Propane Tank

12,000 BTU

0.55 lb/hour

36 hours

181 hours

24,000 BTU

1.10 lb/hour

18 hours

90 hours

26,000 BTU

1.20 lb/hour

16 hours

83 hours

35,000 BTU

1.65 lb/hour

12 hours

60.5 hours

48,000 BTU

2.20 lb/hour

9.0 hours

45 hours

125,000 BTU

5.50 lb/hour

3.5 hours

18 hours

170,000 BTU

7.90 lb/hour


12.5 hours


What Should I Know?


-For a bright atmosphere we would recommend 100 watts per 100 sq. ft.

-For a soft atmosphere we would recommend 100 watts per 400 sq. ft.

Lighting is available in halogen and incandescent. Dimmers are also available for lighting control. Lighting and exit signs require extension cords which can be supplied at an additional cost.


Generators can also be supplied for events where power is not available. For additional lighting or electrical requirements please inquire.

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